the vision for 2022

I want to bring quality sound to more people- especially community groups.

At the heart of this is the Allan & Heath SQ7, which is an amazing device that can simultaneously handle a full PA setup and 32 track live recording. Add two static video feeds into the mix, and you have a professional quality record of any event.

If you are in or around Chester, I am going to offer to do this for you free of charge! FREE


Obviously this won’t last forever, but whilst I’m getting used to the gear, and building a portfolio, feel free to grab a bargain. Message me on Facebook to discuss an event.

I can provide PA for venues upto about 200 people, and whilst this can be included in the free offer, as my mobility is rubbish, I will need a roadie to help me load at my house, unload at the venue and so on until we try not to wake the neighbours as we get the gear back in the house.

A bit more detail

As well as the SQ7 Sound reinforcement is provided by LD Systems and Bose amongst others. We can run up to 4 monitor mixes with my gear. Microphones are by Neuman, AKG, Seinhausser and Shure.

I will work for free, as long as you are performing for free. If you are being paid, I would appreciate a cut- the same as everyone else. If I am providing the PA, I will need physical help moving boxes.

I am making this offer to build up a portfolio to get paid work, so you need to give me permission to use the recordings I make for promotional purposes. Obviously you will also have access to all the raw data to edit as you see fit, as well as any finished videos edited by myself.

If you want me to edit the raw data beyond the stuff I do for promotion, I will charge, but this is by negotiation.

Where I see this happening

open mic nights

community concerts

pub gigs

fundraising for charities.

About me

I have been performing and mixing sound since the early 80’s. Since 2002 I have been living with leukemia, and this imposes a few physical limitations- hence my need for help moving stuff about. My long term plan is to offer good music and video to the community sector. I will soon be able to offer livestreaming from a vision mixed camera shoot- make your podcasts etc look like rteal TV!

Thankyou for reading– lets make some music